Día: 1 enero, 2018


OK, so images can get quite complicated as we have a few variables to work with! For example the image below has had a caption entered in the WordPress image upload dialog box, this creates a shortcode which then in turn wraps the whole thing in a div with inline styling! Maybe one day they’ll… Leer más »


Table Head Column One Table Head Column Two Table Head Column Three Table Footer Column One Table Footer Column Two Table Footer Column Three Table Row Column One Short Text Testing a table cell with a longer amount of text to see what happens, you’re not using tables for site layouts are you? Table Row… Leer más »

Listas OL y UL

Ordered list item one. Ordered list item two. Ordered list item three. Ordered list item four. By the way, WordPress does not let you create nested lists through the visual editor. Unordered list item one. Unordered list item two. Unordered list item three. Unordered list item four. By the way, WordPress does not let you… Leer más »


Currently WordPress blockquotes are just wrapped in blockquote tags and have no clear way for the user to define a source. Maybe one day they’ll be more semantic (and easier to style) like the version below. HTML5 comes to our rescue with the footer element, allowing us to add semantically separate information about the quote…. Leer más »


Level One Heading Level Two Heading Level Three Heading Level Four Heading Level Five Heading Level Six Heading

Inline Text

This is a standard paragraph created using the WordPress TinyMCE text editor. It has a strong tag, an em tag and a strikethrough which is actually just the del element. There are a few more inline elements which are not in the WordPress admin but we should check for incase your users get busy with… Leer más »